LCGC Group online payday lenders only of companies are the leading suppliers chromatographic consumables & Laboratory equipments in India. We are a value added solutions suppliers & proud to be one stop supplier for all laboratory needs. Visionary thinking, quality management and the competence of our staff are the backbone of our business and the basis for its strategic alignment. We are dedicated to providing technical expertise in the analytical field by recommending products to meet your analytical requirements. We have eleven strategically located office across the India to cater the customer needs.

LCGC Group Companies

  • LCGC Chrom Consumable LLP :
    Leading supplier of chromatography consumables (JW GC columns, Zorbax range of HPLC columns, spares etc ) from M/s Agilent Technologies, USA no fee loans in India . Company also represents M/s Markes International, USA for Thermal desorption systems consumable.
  • LCGC BioAnalytic Solutions LLP (Chromatography Consumables) :
    Leading supplier of Inertsil range of HPLC columns from GL Sciences, Japan.
  • LCGC BioAnalytic Solutions LLP (Instruments) :
    Representing M/s Setaram Instruments, France for Thermal analyzers. M/s Radiometer Analytics for Auto titrators, M/s Gerhardt Analytic systems, Germany for Nitrogen analysers, M/s Systag, Switzerland for reaction Calorimeters, M/s Labomed for spectrophotometer, DICKEY john, USA for NIR analyser & moisture meter.
  • Chromatography World :
    Leading suppliers of HPLC /GC columns, accessories from M/S Machery Nagel, Germany, M/s Perkin Elmer, M/s Mitsubishi Industries, M/s Sepax
  • FirstSource Laboratory Solutions LLP (Chromatography) :
    Representing Daicel Industries, pioneer in supply of Chiral columns
  • FirstSource Laboratory Solutions LLP get loans online (Instruments) :
    One stop shop for all Laboratory Instruments & equipments.
    Food safety lab – a sophisticated lab with LCQTOF, LC QQQ, GC QQQ, GC MS, ICP MS, AAS xxxx
  • LCGC Radwag Weighing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :
    Leading supplier of range of Micro/Semi micro balances.
  • LCGC Trucal & Services LLP :
    First in India, Non government NABL/NIST accredited mass calibration lab.
  • LCGC Center For Solutions :
    A state of Art analytic laboratory for customer support ( Services offered : HPLC method development/ Method transfer to Fast Analysis/Column selection 0
  • LCGC Gurukul :
    Training center facilitating training on various analytic techniques.
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