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Frontier Laboratories is a small giant company in JAPAN, making pyrolysis instrument that is used for direct analysis of solid samples (Polymer and composites) with GC/GCMS. Frontier Lab’s multi shot pyrolizer combines the capabilities of evolved gas analysis, thermal desorption and pyrolysis. When combined with GCMS, it provides a powerful tool for characterising synthetic polymers as well as complex natural biopolymers. Frontier’s PY heart cut analysis features allow to expand your material characterization capabilities for reverse engineering, new product developments and failure analysis. Our PY system is compatible with all major GC/GCMS brands.

Applications Fields: Polymer, Plastics, Paints, Coatings, Personal care products, Environmental samples (Microplastics), Food (flavour and fragrance), forensics science, Geochemistry and more….

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Application Scientists/Technical Support Manager
Frontier Laboratories
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